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About us


Since 1989, Classic Concierge has placed top-notch individuals in upscale building lobbies, company offices and at national retail centers.

We have shaped the growth of the concierge industry through our solid experience, enthusiasm and exceptional service. Our concierges are second to none. They are the vital force that continually adds value to your life and profitability to your bottom line. Our mission and core values are rare in this industry.

Classic Concierges serve to meet the needs of our clients and the community with care, professionalism, and excellence. Our employees have provided quality services to thousands of individuals and companies in the Washington Metropolitan Area and beyond. Our Classic Concierge Support Team takes care of the details of your personal life and helps to accomplish your corporate tasks.  Our Preferred Vendors are carefully screened for ease of billing, problem solving and often last minute orders – placed with confidence.

Classic Concierge is a premier provider of hospitality services to Corporate & Residential Properties in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area for over 20 years.

Partnering with Classic Concierge brings ease of communication with residents, tenants and the community through – access, relationship building and events as directed by you as you strategically team build at your site.  Classic Concierge becomes the glue to your on-site staff.  They are trained to alleviate many of your management headaches.

Whether the mail room clerk or the President of your anchor tenant, an office manager, porter or Partner at the 7th floor law firm, Classic Concierge treats all clients with respect, courtesy and style.  It’s the Classic way of doing business.

At A Glance:

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Average number of Preferred Vendors in our portfolio
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Percentage of our Support team that has over 5 years of service
Number of property management companies served to date
Average number of miles per year traveled by a Field Operations Manager


Your Time Is Our Service

Classic Concierge contracts with Property Management and Building Owners to bring service, style, communication and influence to their property.  If your property has a Classic Concierge, you have access to additional services, which include but are not limited to the following:

We train our concierges to be the best in seminars, conferences and lots of hands on training.

Indiviudal service for our tenants and residents:

  • cc_icon_logo Building Events
  • cc_icon_logo Monthly Calendar of Events (published by Classic Concierge)*
  • cc_icon_logo Weekend Highlights (published by Classic Concierge)*
  • cc_icon_logo Brochures and information about area Events (distributed monthly)*
  • cc_icon_logo Candy at the Concierge Desk*
  • cc_icon_logo Flowers
  • cc_icon_logo Gift and Fruit Baskets
  • cc_icon_logo Dining Suggestions and Reservations*
  • cc_icon_logo Party Decorations & Balloon Arrangements
  • cc_icon_logo Car Inspections & Services
  • cc_icon_logo Creative Ideas and Solutions*
  • cc_icon_logo Valet Services
  • cc_icon_logo Couriers
  • cc_icon_logo Automotive Detailing
  • cc_icon_logo Postage Stamps
  • cc_icon_logo Catering and Event Planning
  • cc_icon_logo Party Favors and Entertainment
  • cc_icon_logo Limousine Services & Transportation Arrangements
  • cc_icon_logo Movie Passes (discounted)
  • cc_icon_logo Theater, Concert and Sporting Event Tickets
  • cc_icon_logo Corporate Gifts
  • cc_icon_logo Personal Shopping

And much more …

*Complimentary when you have a Classic Conicerge


We serve the community by:

  • cc_icon_logo Promoting local businesses
  • cc_icon_logo Facilitating interaction with tenants, residents and management
  • cc_icon_logo Volunteering for and supporting local charities through promotions and activities

We serve individual tenants and residents by:

  • cc_icon_logo Outsourcing errands and personal needs to save valuable time
  • cc_icon_logo Obtaining consistent quality Preferred Vendors
  • cc_icon_logo Educating clients through applicable activities programs, networking and communication about promotions and current events

We serve property management companies, building owners and staff by:

  • cc_icon_logo Tailoring each concierge program to meet the needs of each location
  • cc_icon_logo Projecting a professional image, while being the “ears” and “eyes” of each location
  • cc_icon_logo providing a marketing tool to attract and assist in maintaining resident or tenant occupancy

We serve companies and law firms by:

  • cc_icon_logo Providing a goodwill gesture from management-caring for the personal and professional needs of each employee
  • cc_icon_logo Providng simple invoicing for multiple service and product
  • cc_icon_logo Providing a useful tool for employees to save time and increase productivity


To attentively serve our Clients with excellence. Classic Concierges meet the needs of our clients and the community with care and professionalism.

Classic Concierge Core Values:

  • cc_icon_logo We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • cc_icon_logo We are client oriented.
  • cc_icon_logo We are courteous, helpful and respectful to every individual we come in contact with—in and outside of our company.
  • cc_icon_logo We add value to our clients’ professional and personal lives.
  • cc_icon_logo We work as a team—respecting one another for our contributions and ideas.
  • cc_icon_logo We empower each other—encouraging professional and personal growth.
  • cc_icon_logo We strive to improve our operations, procedures and services. We always endeavor to be the best in the industry.
  • cc_icon_logo We provide only professional, quality services and products for our clients.
  • cc_icon_logo We support the communities in and around our locations, hoping to better them by our presence and assistance.
  • cc_icon_logo We are a company of integrity—making decisions that benefit our clients, our company and our employees.
  • cc_icon_logo We spend our money wisely—bringing value to our clients and investing in the future of our company and our employees.
  • cc_icon_logo We maintain open lines of honest and professional communication.
  • cc_icon_logo We believe our excellent performance makes a difference in our personal reputation, the clients’ reputation and the company’s growth and reputation.
  • cc_icon_logo As goodwill ambassadors, we believe that by spreading kindness where we are, these acts will become contagious, spreading throughout our location, our city and our world.


Meet Our Executive Team

We are working with talented people who can make your brand like our own brand and make it easy for you to reach your goals

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis


Ernest McCarley

Director of Commercial Operations
Ernest McCarley

Michael Vann

Director of Residential Operations
Denise Davis

Denise Davis

Human Resources Manager

Meet Our Founders

We are working with talented people who can make your brand like our own brand and make it easy for you to reach your goals


Jamie Jeremiah


DeeAnn Jeremiah


Our Support Team

Our Support Team, centralized at our Support Center in Arlington, are trained in excellence. Our duty is to serve and support your Concierge or Lobby Attendant so they stay fresh to serve you, our valued Client.

Support for your Classic Concierge includes:

  • Activities Planning – flier and invitation production, assistance, equipment, rentals, access to all the best ideas in the industry
  • Field Operations Team – On the go, accessible via cell phone, working or on call around the clock to ensuring quality service
  • Publication creation and distribution – electronically – Weekend Highlights
  • Administration – Customizing invoices for your ease of processing
  • Delivery Team – Researching, publishing, producing, and delivering monthly packets including promotions, information, and the Classic Calendar of Events for up to date information
  • Human Resources Team – providing Continuing Education courses, benefits and individualized care for your Classic Concierge employee on site
  • Staff & Company Development – Surveying you annually, planning Quarterly Receptions, Continuing Education, functions, awards ceremonies, and incentive programs to ensure you have the happiest concierge in the industry
  • Vendor Management – Working with over 50 sub contractors who are scrutinized and selected among overwhelming choices – hand picking the best vendors to present choices to our concierges for your ultimate selection
  • Marketing and Operations Staff – Community presence, public relations and networking to grow our company, giving you access to event planning for other properties in your portfolio, digitally delivering Weekend Highlights and Concierge E-Blasts for the latest up to date events and information